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Sensibus Festival 12.-15.3.2014 is a multimodal and multisensory event, which presents innovative ways to combine different sensory elements into one experience. The event combines culinary arts, music, aromas and other cultural and art forms.

Sensibus Festival will present interactive lectures, workshops, showcases and actual dinners and events, which are all combined by the idea of multisensory experiences. Seminars and workshops are focused for professionals (music, food, culture), but are open to everyone, though.

The seminar and workshops 13.-14.3. will be held in English, but some part of the programme is in Finnish.

Read more about speakers (pdf)

Wednesday 12.3.2014 

Daddy´s Diner ja Galaxie Sports&Billiards (Kalevankatu 2)

19.00-  Opening Club with Music and Food in the spirit of Quentin Tarantino. 

HoneyBunny And The SilverBullets plays music from films and Mr Gekko hosts the Movie-quiz.

Quiz starts at 19.30 (In English, too!)

Thursday 13.3.2014

Rytmikorjaamo (Vaasantie 11)



Live Lunch, Cafe Jakari, Iskusävel-orchestra  
(at one´s own expense)

Opening of the seminar
professor Anu Hopia, University of Turku, KUMURU project


Keynote speaker: professor Charles Spence, University of Oxford (UK)
"The Music of Taste: Online and in the Real-world"

Keynote speaker: artist Per Samuelsson (SE)
"Taste of Sound - Composing for large scale dinners"




Multisensory musical instruments -workshop
Per Samuelsson, (SE)

Multi-sensory musical instruments demonstration. When the creation of the instrument itself become a creative process, just important as the composing and performance of the instrument itself.

17.30-18.45  Winetasting with music 
                     Wines: Château Carsin / Juha Berglund
                     Introduction Charles Spence, University of Oxford and Mika Vanne, Winesense Oy.
                     Rantatie-quartet plays classical music and quitarist Mikko Kosonen plays rock music.
                     Wines are served by Château Carsin ja Champagne Taittinger.

19.00-22.00  Multisensory Dining Experience 

Friday 14.3.2014 

Rytmikorjaamo (Vaasantie 11) 



Keynote speaker: mathematician-musician Bruno Mesz, University of Quilmes (AR)
 "Crossmodal associations between odors and music"
- music associations to taste words and abstract words in infants and adults: report on ongoing experiments


Panel discussion: 5D eating
The panel discussions fasilitator is professor Anu Hopia. Panelists are prof. Charles Spence, University of Oxford, prof. Mari Sandell, University of Turku, prof. Heikki Uimonen,  Sibelius Akademy, prof. Erik Fooladi, University of Volda, musician Per Samuelsson and Mika Vanne, Winesense Oy.


KUMURU Live Lunch, Cafe Jakari
(at one´s own expense)

Scent & Sound - research session
- demonstration describing the scent&sound project carried out in Norway.
Professor Erik Fooladi, University of Volda and musician Andreas Barth (NO)


Multimodal cocktails
-Improvisation workshop & performance
Per Samuelsson (SE), Erik Fooladi (NO), Sami Silen (FI), Teemu Vuorela (FI),
Andreas Barth (NO), Victoria Johnson (NO), Bruno Mesz (AR)


Scent & Sound - bistro
Local restaurants are serving many kinds of little tasting dishes. You can choose what you want to eat and you only pay the dishes that you have eated. Free entry!

Restaurants involved: Tapas Bar Café Ole, Pancho Villa, Powerpark, Härmän Kylpylä, Hotel-Restaurant Alma, Vuoden olutmestari Juha Sorsa, Seinäjoen Maa- ja kotitalousnaiset and Kaikki äitini reseptit -blogs writer Nanna.

Programme includes for example:
Improvisation of food - Improvisaatioteatteri Snorkkeli
Ave Maria - Singing Merja Kakko, piano Raili Peltonen
Underground-poetry, electronical rythmes, tastings and strangenes - M.A. Numminen
DJ Sane
Scent&Sound -performance - Aroma jockeys Erik Fooladi and Andreas Barth

21.30 -         Softengine
                    They are young and energetic! Finland´s Eurovision Song Contest entrant 2014 is on stage and they are from Seinäjoki!
                     10€ Tickets for this band-gig are sold in,,



Saturday 15.3.2014

Seinäjoki city theatre and main library "Apila" (Alvar Aallon katu 12)

10.00-14.00 Programme for families and kids, all in Finnish.
Musical Brunch at Fazer Theatre Restaurant, Fees: adults 10€, kids 6€, under 4 yrs for free
Music by KIDsing semifinalist Miska Mäkiviita



Seinäjoen Rytmikorjaamo (Vaasantie 11, 60100 Seinäjoki)

Fees and registration

Seminar and workshops are free of charge, but requires registration.

Multisensory dining experience, 5 course menu, 59€. (sold out!)

Winetasting and Scent&Sound -bistro: prices will be updated in January.

Accommondation in Seinäjoki 13.-14.3.2014

You can make a reservation to Sokos Hotel Vaakuna by mail vaakuna.seinajoki(a) or by phone: +358 10 7647 000.

Remember to mention "Sensibus" to have a discount prizes:
1 person 95,90 e / room / per night,  2 persons 116,15 e / room / per night.
Address: Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Kauppatori 1-3, 60100 Seinäjoki. 

Accommondation in Seinäjoki 14.-15.3.2014

You can make reservation to Hotelli Fooninki or Hotel Sorsanpesä by mail kokous.palvelut(a) or by phone +358 6 420 9026. 

Hotelli Fooninki
1 person or 2 persons 100 e / room / per night
Adddress: Hotelli Fooninki, Kaarretie 4, 60510 Hyllykallio.

Hotel Sorsanpesä
1 person "Comfort room" 90 e / room / per night
2 persons "Standard room" 104 e / room / per night
2 persons "Comfort room" 109 e / room / per night
2 persons "Style room" 119 e / room / per night
Address: Hotel Sorsanpesä, Törnäväntie 27, 60200 Seinäjoki. 

Connections and traffic
Seinäjoki is situated in western Finland at the junction of five railways, at the crossroads of several main roads and has good flight connections.

Help for planning the route, and information on rail and bus connections in Finland: and see more information here.

More information about Seinäjoki, click here
City centre Map of Seinäjoki (pdf)

Further information:

Please contact
Project manager Susanna Ihanus
susanna.ihanus(a), +358 50 598 4813.